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Popcorn logo(256x256)
A "popcorn" theme, different from the "old movie" theme. Please tell me which one do you like better!

ps_2a.png  gcfilmslogo_popcorn~0.png  2a_all_in_one.png  gcfilm_popcorn_logo_2.png  popcorn_icon.png 
Tian [Lun 27 Juin 2005 à 14:17]
Personnaly I prefer the popcorn theme (more original). But previous one was fine also Great job!
chromecat [Lun 27 Juin 2005 à 14:22]
Thanks! I did popcorn because I think it will be appealing to a wider audience, and its funnier than the retro one.
MeV [Sam 2 Juil 2005 à 18:37]
I prefer this theme too! it's nice thanks for your job
chromecat [Jeu 7 Juil 2005 à 15:11]
You are welcome!
roro [Dim 24 Juil 2005 à 06:37]