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main logo version 2.1 with black typography
in this version i changed the typo to black as contrapost to the dominant colors of the dots
icons.jpg  icons2.jpg  logo5.jpg  logo7.jpg  logouebersicht.jpg 
gugelgrafik [Sam 20 Aout 2005 à 14:40]
same thing here. i have nothing against critics, as long as they are constructive. so please, if rating lower than ok, please give me a feedback. thank you
hito [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 13:35]
i think it looks a bit like Macromedia's logo.. and i think it's really different than the icons.
gugelgrafik [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 15:57]
i tried to keep both reduced and simple and therefore fit together. but i can see no similarity to macromedia's logo...