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Startup screen
Background can be transparent (like Adobe Photoshop CS startup screen for example).
Vector graphics can be scaled without any loss in quality.
2b_all_in_one.png  2b_icons~2.png  2b_logo.png  2b_startup.png  ps_2b~1.png 
hito [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 13:07]
très soigné, mais pourquoi un periscope?
le-Spektre [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:13]
WHY A PERISCOPE OR A OWL ? To start, it said in the instructions (home page of the contest) :"It would be nice to have a mascot as main logo (i.e. a person, animal or item that could be used in many situations). Cartoon or comic style would fit with the application. " Thus, that will be a "user friendly" orientation with the mascot (like PsPad, Mozilla...). That's perfect since we would to avoid the abstraction (geometrical forms or typo only...) but especially, the boxes of films ! I...
le-Spektre bis [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:16]
Indeed, like we couldn't use only planets or cobwebs for the logo of browser, we can't systematically use boxes of films for the software in connection with films... Moreover, there is already the word "films" in the name of the software, why to add some?
le-Spektre 3 [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:17]
We rather chose to be interested in the functions of the software and that which seemed most important to us is the research (requests, filters...)
le-Spektre again ! [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:18]
Therefore we needed a mascot (+ typo) which evokes, in addition to usual qualities (effectiveness, ergonomics...), “research” ; and that would be well moreover, if we were able to add the movies/films to it and possibly the data bases (what was not the case) !
le-Spektre sorry : ) [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:19]
After several tests, reflexions and discussions... and other tortures, the choice of the Owl appeared judicious to us. Indeed, it is a nocturnal animal, with the sharp-edged glance, which can, under its passive aspect, to show a frightening effectiveness ! Let us add to this the reference to Argos (among other things... )
le-Spektre [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:20]
We also wanted to present several proposals. To summarize serious and less (the qualifier would rather be “free and personal”...) : It's the small fellow “Periscope” (rather a "periscope like” boy...), the one who carries out research for you with his large head/pair of eyes (a vague reference to the species of mutants in the film Chronicles of Riddick, those which are used for research of alive beings... but more friendly nevertheless... ; )
le-Spektre [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:20]
That's less obvious than for the Owl but we thought that it works well nevertheless... To take once again the example of PsPad (finally not so bad), the mascot can be simply likable and recognizable, which is rather not badly for a thing with apparently any meaning or intention...
le-Spektre [Mer 24 Aout 2005 à 16:21]
We hope to have answered your questions ? / Sorry for the multiple comments caused by the limitation of the number of words allowed...
hito [Jeu 25 Aout 2005 à 14:11]
thanx for the answer je comprends beaucoup mieux le parti pris à présent.